Reconnecting After Conflict

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Reconnecting After Conflict

Conflict and ruptures are an inevitable part of every single relational dynamic…

Especially relationships that are vulnerable, intimate, and that mean a lot to us.

These types of relationship carry with them increased connection, value, and rawness… which ultimately also means increased fears of abandonment, rejection, and loss.

This double-edged sword can at times lead to increased triggers and maladaptive behaviors because of the fears often associated with them… and the deep care we have about how we are treated and perceived by that individual.

Thus, ruptures don’t necessarily mean we shouldn’t be part of that relationship… but instead that we need to work harder at preventing these ruptures and then effectively working to repair them after they happen.

An effective repair requires acknowledgment, intentional & honest discussion, and then genuine attempts at re-engagement and connection.

Far too often people try to ignore or avoid the issue out of fear or discomfort… but let me assure you that ignoring these issues is just going to lead to much bigger discomfort down the road.

Keep in mind… ALL relationships (even loving and healthy ones) experience ruptures… But at the end of the day the health and quality of a relationship is not about the rupture, but rather about the repair.

Expert Spotlight

Courtney Gatlin has a B.A. in Sociology and offers well seasoned insight into the lives of his clients. After college, he went on to start a successful at-risk youth mentoring for program for 13 years, before pursuing life and relationship coaching. He has now been coaching for 6 years internationally, earning his Trauma Informed Care, Emotional Intelligence and Life & Relationship Certifications.

Fun Facts:

  1. I love Marvel movies!

  2. I secretly nerd out every time Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson walks into the WWE arena.

  3. For my 40th birthday, I went to NYC to see Michael Jackson the musical on Broadway. 

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