The Gift of Emotional Intelligence

Tips from Dr. Liz

Give Your Valentine the Gift of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) can be defined as the ability to be aware of and effectively regulate one’s own emotions, as well as the ability to be aware of and show empathy towards others’ emotional states.

It is the ability to take ownership and accountability when we mess up, to recognize how our behaviors and decisions impact our partner, and the willingness to do what is right instead of what is easy in our relationships.

EQ is such a crucial component of a healthy relationship because it provides the safety, connection, and vulnerability needed to understand each other better, communicate and resolve conflict effectively, and to be sensitive and supportive towards our partner’s emotional state.

Emotional intelligence is not just something we are born with, but rather something we have to put intentional effort into learning and practicing.

For many of us, EQ was not something taught to us, or role modeled in childhood; and thus, it is our job as adults to seek out the necessary resources and help, as well as to practice new skills to show up better and more emotionally safe in our relationships.

Don’t think of emotional intelligence as something that you either have or you don’t… and certainly don’t believe that there is nothing you can do to change your level of emotional intelligence… that’s definitely not how this works.

But rather, if you struggle with understanding or regulating your own emotions, or understanding and showing empathy for your partner’s emotions… Then do something about it!!

Trust me, improving your emotional intelligence (and choosing partners with higher levels of emotional intelligence and who are actively working on improving their EQ) will do WONDERS when it comes to the quality, safety, and connection of your relationship.

So, give your Valentine the greatest gift this year of committing to growing and strengthening your EQ.

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