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5 Signs You Might Be Checked-Out

The opposite of love is not hate… It is indifference.

One of the biggest signs of a relationship being in a state of danger is when we no longer have the energy, or even the care, to show up for this relationship in the ways that we used to.

Often this indifference can be seen in the things we STOP doing… Such as:

  1. Sharing when our feelings are hurt and we are upset

  2. Trying to resolve conflict and find solutions to problems

  3. Expressing our needs and wants and asking about theirs

  4. Putting in efforts to improve and strengthen the relationship

  5. Having fear about the thought of losing our partner

These behaviors are usually indicative of feeling pretty defeated and checked out.

It’s important that we pay attention to our bodies, thoughts, and emotional reactions in our relationships. When we start feeling numb, disconnected, and indifferent in our relationship, we have to stop to assess:

  1. What’s happening here?

  2. What’s my role in it?

  3. What’s the best way to communicate about it?

The decision is yours how you handle this indifference… but just keep in mind that indifference is not a sign that everything is okay, it is a sign that something has gotta change.  

Expert Spotlight

Cindy Stibbard

Certified Divorce Coach and Relationship Decision Coach, is a compassionate leader, coach, and devoted single mother of two teenagers, and the visionary force behind The Strength to Thrive. Her own journey through a high-conflict divorce, followed by the sudden loss of her post-divorce partner, sparked a profound transformation in her life. Her personal experiences have not only shaped Cindy’s outlook but also fueled her dedication to inspiring others to embrace their own transformative journeys after such momentous and sometimes unexpected life transitions.

Fun Facts:

  1. I was a CFL Dancer for the BC Lions when they won the Grey Cup in 1994

  2. I have branded cows on a cattle ranch, Yellowstone style

  3. I trekked across glaciers atop some of the tallest peaks in the Rocky Mountains

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